Posted on 02.01.11 in Discography


Earotikon is based on fragments from our Erotikon soundtrack that accompanied this film at a number of various festivals and film events:

2010 Białystok Cinema (PL)
2010 12. Festiwal filmu niemego (PL)
2011 Letní filmová škola (CZ)
2011 Sperm festival (CZ)
2011 Projekt 100 (CZ)
2012 POKE festival (SK)

and more…

The most inspiring moments of the 1,5 hour long soundtrack served as basis for the Earotikon album that was nominated for a national music award Anděl.

In 2015, this project was revived to travel to Ukraine for a mini tour through Kiev, Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk.