Posted on 19.02.15 in A/V performances

The iconic movie of German expressionism is considered the best of what has survived from the period of silent cinema. It demonstrates the extraordinary sophistication of European artists who here anticipate the struggle of the individual with the system. It is simultaneously a mix of many genres: sci-fi, horror, melodrama and utopia. At the time of its creation (1927), the film met with utter incomprehension on the side audiences and critics and has not revived until the onset of postmodernism. In 2001The film was enrolled at the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The premiere of the live soundtrack with Metropolis took place on the 10th Cinema Royal in the EGU laboratory in Běchovice. Original, almost improvised version has been transformed over time into a complex musical work.

The new version has was introduced at PFO in Kopřivnice, on Lunchmeat festival 2014 in Prague (feat. Stroon), at Kino Scala in Brno 2015, at Colours of Ostrava music festival 2015 and last but not least at Summer Film School (LFŠ) in Uherské Hradiště 2016.